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tv   Bay Area Focus With Susan Sikora  CW  September 16, 2012 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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the rain is hear details but the latest technology trends and gadgets. to hear what store for visitors at the golden gate park academy of science. that is on our a bay area focus coming up next.
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if technology seduces you to mine up and how the folks use it it could put you in the comfort zone with a new smart phone laptop. our editor and senior commentator who grew up in silicon valley.
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and a lot more connections here. is at watt and street and in less than that. and regional the world more. we're shifting. you have your finger on the pulse of consumers. people have
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lost jobs and lost homes that something comes out in the line as long and extending their with their credit cards. look at the apple releases in particular. they have events because people are finding the money and thus that must affect a lot people could never be in that line it there because things are tight. their plentiful to say this is as central to life. it's no wonder my laptop my phone there is a gimmick or an option. it is a dial tone. is likely trustee. it is utility face. repair becomes useless. you are addicted. if you or to e-mail or something. you shop online. i just want to check
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everybody has a thing that matters to them on line. some of us like to shop. some of the set to face book updates. and some must use a lot. but they're all connected. the apple came out with their spirit was 5 per dollars. they hope to crops. of the case and the thing. how cheaply to get them now? smart phone series a $2. as for the i phone starts. the middle of a higher. the thing i'm seeing now it runs a version of windows which is not popular
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yet. it's a great phone. we love it in their reviews. but, i'm not into dollars for phone. and get for free. and what is what too much dollars? slippery sensitive on that. you'll save and weighed more than two bottlers in your two year term. you're basically getting a free phone. will the keypads
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i have the antiques cellphone. does not much which was left. in this country to me. it is something that they lost out on all along. if a deacon in the toilet and turned to gold. i would be there tomorrow. is that as a it's going to voice command? out of the this could be walking around street. because you're talking to a phone and talking back to you. the difference with talking to your phone is the whole conversation is expose the public. you talk and it talks back and never but here's a. but in the car we have privacy still, voice command is the key. you cannot wanted to
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that on the phone. did did not intend the voice recognition but the discover a hike with it. did not get any kudos for. the voice command is key after the steve jobs and the predictions of what is happening with the company? are you deciding what is happening coming down the pike there is all still steve jobs products. or this to happens after he's been a year or 18 months past his death when it is his team is innovating. that is the key and their plan is done. if we get into middle of 2013. will take a break. we also talk about what the future of tv and radio will be on a way we have these little things.
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he knows everything about technology. but in using it. i'm addicted. are we smart about the stuff or stuff it more convenient? it is a little bit of both. world kind of like pyramid were at the top by a small population
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and down the bottom you have the folks that barely understood. is not that way anymore. is the lamp it's got more near work. in this big broad base of people they're mystified by technology is not the case anymore. people use the internet but this is in san francisco everybody is online. and, the products of that much better than being transparent and intuitive. i do not have to scratch my head and figure out how to use it. that makes sense. and when you go on and you try something. you know more than you thought you'd did along the way did it should look because you can think you can do this. it's like being a child. it is like doing it without the training wheels. we talk about the phone and everyone has the phone and pictures of everything all the place. on facebook 300 million
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photos a day carried and you brought a camera along is that thing to go way this could be obsolete? your good user smart phone which is a great camera. it's the current i phone. governments also phone. ignore that. is great camera. you take beautiful photos. this simple resolution. did to make a prince out of that and nepal. ike is smart phone but it's convenient and also has a connectivity 6 sure the photo because we take the picture you wash your now. in africa home and think about you pressure on the stones. you for the lead to apply all these different features your photo at the ticket. degree of soft well it looks like the shark. if you're not using a smart phone in your serious photographer. the with
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the digital tests all are. but there is not anything and of compact cameras for to $3. those are neither fish or fowl. the best cameras or the connected or good for sharing. there can the dead. islamic to kind of camera now. even i had an attack but we go to the top but of course. everyone knows what's going on with i packed. and not everybody. and the battle is this. they are the dominant one. is something more than a touch computer and a simple operating system. all the icons and the kit to the operating system what can i not to you cannot do heavy-duty work or to write a prolonged document. you have no keyboard. did not for good keyboards and you now have folders and files for the use so everything is all the
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place it wants to put them or on the clout on the internet. did not have a connection. it is also very basic software. did not run the same software on a computer. say the test simpler applications and less power. this isn't consumed media on a tablet. the decree media on a book whether it's a mac or pc. your keyboard in your full screen. but this this this is an apple and macintosh and i am running windows on a. you could mix and match. you not to worry about mac or windows anymore. keeping a pc and apple are ever to become one unit? this was to be a religious war. it's not much more. those of the two platforms to do the exact same thing. this no real difference. did to them all but differently and they attract people based on their interface and how to use them it is to allow the stuff on
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you tube like television shows. it hit on you to an accounting. so here's the question are tv and radio as we know it when we are becoming less and less? tv is a forcing and the television and the device and experience of television and watching shows like this those are becoming tease apart the first time. it is used to watch the show. you cannot sit for a television set. night watches television show on any device. whether it's a i power or phone or what ever. they have big high-quality shows that to somebody put show. the slaughter goes on you tube. that is was being teased because television is available on many devices. is not much of group experience is used to be. watching tv all the time could have on the devices. we come together and talk about. you see the show coming home on the bus. and we talk about it
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we symmachus sought was happening with cars? it also is a the car is becoming a phone is becoming a largest mobile device. the car is one and is not to get much more expensive. this is actually inexpensive technology. the put a few hundred dollars' worth of software in the car. the cars connected for four reasons. one is for communication. to take phone calls and testing and twitter and facebook updates coming to the car. you cannot twitter when you drive. you can carry their car seconal should do it. where the should not issue a decision to rid the if you three written messages on screen. in that cannot type on the dash. will select one of the priest can to messages and sang and traveling right now each week that something. or and a car. but it's are written. -facebook updates their simplified and
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cannot contract with them the best imitation. the navigation in the car now if you go somewhere and give sticking to car and put the actors and the-. and now the car which research and-board for what you want and then some or about charging of the stuff. and start with the car and go backwards. if the cars to be connected on a dare to charge the car every night? to get to about cars. it should always been generating electricity carried a part as an alternate to rid generates electricity from the days of henry ford. the guard sent there to charge of other stuff what about these things and found you to charge the phone every single night charging is interesting. it is dry because everyone is a different charger or cable. and where are they? and we're seeing a move now and last few weeks to accord discharging worry you
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discover poster pat on your coffee table and to insulate your laptop on it your phone on it. the pick of the charge without wires. it's conductive charging. and you have a similar pattern of the consul of your car and get in there to smart phone and will start to charge without plugging anything in. this is becoming very soon will not in to the facebook stuff because of ipos and everything. a to still be usable that starts design. and yahoo who had the figures may awhile back. he is out. are you going to they say the light was long and was capable if you want to get a big job in silicon valley and you live here and pre smart of the stuff and not so great about school or into an ivy league college will that be necessary to run these companies? he's a drop out. and at 28
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years old and he's running when most viable companies and tech history. that is one example. steve jobs. also as a guide to a very checkered college district. and bill gates as the same thing. i go on and on. the kingpins of attack seemed to be those who go against the grain. the move on. you cannot but purists still always prints well in silicon valley. we have to go. i followed everything you said. i at this the best technology conversation i've had carried it is ready to find bryan and what he's doing all the time. it's so hot it probably is right there. but scene at dot com. stay with us there's more ahead.
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welcome back. they're celebrating their new location. to tell us what is new for the returning fans and the first time visitors we welcome the director of the morrison planetarium at the academy of science. it's good to have you here. i love the planetarium. i think i remember the first time that i went because i was little. as 85 or less even. my parents took me because at any age could sit there and you look at the sky. it is captivating
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we're trying to take a different direction. sort of focus on some of the creed of energy on looking at earth as a planet incident earthquakes. we set his earthquake component to a new show. i'm sticking are quick to be looking at the earth and things rumbling in changing. is just a view from sky or deal with the sky during earthquake also were seeing is out with a supply transforms and changes over time. we're looking differently about how our society has changed over time. and how we live and earthquake area this is part to show that were seeing. this is what you see in the show. we highlight parts of the earth. the action recreate the city as looked the century ago and looking at a tsunami simulation. all those colors in their
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the kind of let up. and what was that? we actually don't underneath the surface of the planet and look at what happens inside to causing earthquakes. these are simulations that were done in the national laboratory. and how to cut a quick fix the bay area. so checking on the surface in the excreted a whole california environment and took about her whole landscape is action shaped by these forces and this will give us any more insight on predicting earthquakes that still not happening prediction is a little bit more challenging. and how likely is that took place in the area. and how to cut a quick affect our region. and also look at how we could build a safer environment in the bay area how difficult was it to create a market street in 1906. which she dug into
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everything from insurance maps and to photography at the time. it's pitiful video or film was made on a streetcar going downmarket street and all those references to try to understand the city look like and we retreated exactly the correct it looks like at market and colorful history. is part of gold here i assume that to show people is what happens but their parents component the main focus appurtenance is an exhibit at the same time as a planetarium show. an exhibit has focused on how life as been transformed by earthquakes and also on how we can make choices in our daily lives to be prepared for them you simulate an earthquake. this is been very place before at the academy and somehow was this new one different? we really want to take this a new direction so we have a
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victorian house in surface, and you get to experience the 1989 earthquake. the 1906 earthquake. to a sense of other were different but also to look around and simulated victorian and think about walking shifted and walker actresses you'd make to make sure that your house was safe how are they different in terms of field at the 1906 was more severe. we cannot we produce the full intensity. , a hovering get hurt. the big difference was the net as quick lasted 90 seconds and so minute and half of shaking. the 1989 earthquake was about 15 seconds with some kids in the picture and year, hitting classism stuff how often does exhibit change? her car. for components of
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the exhibits at different times. the quick academy for about two years. the planetarium show will be run in must be a daunting task to put something like this on. how we react in new york we're bigger will take that carried your bigger. it is the new critics of it at the california academy of sciences which is ongoing. you could visit california academy at work. thank you. we begin now with a look at some of the free concert at the current festival. they continue to october at mission and third streets of in san francisco. pink to for watching.francisco. thank you fr
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